• The Latest Word on Probiotics: Gastro Endo News Report
    (MedPage Today) -- Also, cutting opioid-associated infections
  • Guide Addresses C. Diff in Kids
    (MedPage Today) -- Rely on antibiotics, avoid probiotics and fecal transplants
  • CRISPR for Flaviviruses; Indiana's Late HIV Response; Gene-Edited HBV Cure?
    (MedPage Today) -- News and commentary from the world of infectious diseases
  • Alarm Raised on Safety of Commercial Probiotics
    (MedPage Today) -- Few data on potential harms, for which there are grounds for concern
  • Time to Expand Age Base for HCV Screening?
    (MedPage Today) -- Bargain price of $11,378 per QALY gained for one-time, universal testing
  • Vasculitis: A Link with IBD? (CME/CE)
    (MedPage Today) -- High rates of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis seen in patients with giant cell arteritis
  • Slow Medicine: Overuse of Genetic Testing, Dialysis
    (MedPage Today) -- Plus screening for peripheral artery disease and colon cancer surveillance
  • Lymphocytic Colitis Responds Rapidly to Budesonide (CME/CE)
    (MedPage Today) -- Corticosteroid outperformed mesalamine and placebo in small randomized trial
  • No $$ for Vaccines; Yellow Fever in the Other Congo; Intranasal Flu Vax Promising
    (MedPage Today) -- News and commentary from the world of infectious diseases
  • D.C. Rap Up: Woke on Smokes; Power to the Druggist
    (MedPage Today) -- MedPage Today's weekly summary of policy news gets a hip-hop reboot from Cleavon Gilman, MD
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